How funny it is when u finally create your profile on a blog site and then you click on the compose button, and all you can feel is a deep blankness inside you!! When there are hundreds of things to be jotted down which you want to be shared, yet you fall short of words. An irony in itself !!

It is the blankness that follows gaiety, and Everyman must depart
Out there into stranded night, for his destiny
Is to return unfruitful out of the lightness
That passing time evokes.
— John Ashbery

I always have dreamt of becoming a writer. Though, I don’t have any professional degree in writing. But, I’m going to be soon! Here’s a brief introduction about me. I’m a graduate in English literature, someone who found more love in the pages of Shakespeare’s novel than in the arms of men. An introvert by heart, lover of animals, a dreamer, and a believer of love!


I’ve a few circle of friends and my life revolves around them. They are the one with whom I can be my craziest self, who can digest all my rants, my tantrums, my fluctuated moods, my idiotic behavior( at times) 😛 and every bit of emotions a human being can possess. Yes, I’m an extremely emotional person, the kind who’ll cry watching a sad movie for weeks! Can’t help!

I’ve never been homesick, I mean that’s how I’ve grown up. I don’t need a shoulder to cry on, I don’t need people to advise me, basically, I’m happier when there is less human being surrounding me. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but don’t worry I don’t need a psychiatric help. It’s just the way I’m brought up. 

So, briefly, I’m just a normal person living a life just like any other person. One who loves exploring new places, spending time with right set of people (the ones I can connect to), loves reading, writing, dancing and sometimes just lazing around 😉 😛


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