6 Cafes in Bangalore That You Can Visit For a Laid-back Sunday Evening

So, monsoon is here and for people like me, this is the season we eagerly wait for throughout the year. Because there is no other relaxing feeling than listening to the sounds of rain with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and some great company, be it a good book, a nice playlist or a person to share the moment with. If you can relate to my words, this article is for you!

Bangalore is widely known for its excellent weather throughout the year. But my personal favorite is during Mid June till September end when the city witnesses its beautiful spells of monsoon rain followed by the heavenly smell of earth. Now, imagine how wonderful it will be to spend a day like this in a beautifully designed cafe having your favorite cup of coffee. Here, I bring you 6 beautiful cafes in Bangalore that are worth spending a few bucks for.

1.Dyu Art Cafe: Fresh coffee, a wide art gallery with a delicious choice of snacks, this place is in my top-list to grab my fresh, hot cup of coffee. The place gives a look of a South-Indian house turned restaurant. Sip a hot cup of coffee with a good book, listening to some soft music playing in the background. What else you need!


2. Om Made Cafe: A beautiful, cozy place to sit and relax! The place has a cozy enclosed area as well as a lovely rooftop setting. You can order from a wide range of delicacies and enjoy a perfect sunset from the deck. The food, the setting and the Bangalore breeze are bound to blow your mind away!


3. Coffee on Canvas: This place has a partially thatched roof and comes with a bohemian look. Has beautiful seating arrangements and offers great food. A perfect place to hang out with your friends on a weekend. Head out to this place if you haven’t been there yet!


4. Boca Grande: Its a modern cafe with an open air-setting and amazing interiors. Very popular for their buffet breakfast and their amazing coffee lattes. A great place to chill out on a beautiful sunday evening.


5. Art Blend Cafe: This is a homely cafe made for art lovers. They serve great coffee and run several art and craft workshops like clay modelling, jewellery making and many more. So, if you’re someone with an artistic germ who enjoys learning new craft sipping a cup of coffee, this is the place for you.

images (1)

6. Cafe 42: This again is a beautiful rooftop cafe made for book lovers. They have a wide selection of books, serves amazing coffee and has beautiful artwork and posters placed on their walls. Drop in on a pleasant sunday evening and enjoy the Bangalore weather.

images (2)

Keep feeding your coffee soul 🙂


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