An Unwinding Trip To Jaisalmer!


Ever wanted to land in a place surrounded by a galore of ornate architecture, extremely polite people, mouth-watering local cuisine and a never-ending stretch of surreal desert that just makes you want to stay there forever? Yes, I’m talking about the ‘golden city of Rajasthan’ : Jaisalmer!

Our plan was to go anywhere apart from the regular hill stations and beaches (places we mostly choose for our vacations). But, when you belong to a place like Bangalore, you are not left with much options. So, after much deliberation, we concertedly decided to make Jaisalmer to be our next travel destination (the city covered by the glorious Thar desert). As beautiful as it sounds like, witnessing the city actually left me mesmerised. Every little thing about the place was so exquisite and unique that I wondered why I didn’t visit the place before.

Our rooms were booked a month in advance through makemytrip. The name of our hotel was ‘Royal Tokyo’ situated in the middle of the town and very near to the railway station. They also have dormitories available which are rented for much lesser price. The most beautiful part of the stay was their rooftop restaurant where you can sit for hours with delicious food and enjoy the view of the beautiful Jaisalmer Fort. A perfect place for relaxation!

We wanted to spend a night in sand dunes. Makemytrip again has many options you can choose from. The one that we booked was ‘Limca Camp’ which has cost us Rs.1700 including evening snacks, buffet dinner and morning breakfast. So, next day we rented a bullet from a local store and headed straight to our camp . It was around 45 kms away from the city and took us roughly 30 mins to reach. And I must tell this turned out to be the most amazing part of the trip. I don’t know if it was the beautiful road or the striking scenery around, I was totally head over heals with this place. And the bike ride was just like an icing on the cake. So, a night under the stars in a vast exotic desert. Doesn’t it sound wow? It indeed was the loveliest experiences I ever had. We had a camel ride, watched sunset right from the top of a dune, enjoyed a beautiful cultural program (Rajasthani folk music and dance) and ended our day with the best meal of the day.

The next morning we returned back to our hotel and roamed around the beautiful city. And like they say, “all good things must come to an end”, it was time to bid adieu to this beautiful city. Jaisalmer has got everything to rejuvenate yourself and I was totally unwound by the beauty of this place. Next day, we returned back to our routined-life with a bag full of memories and a promise that there will be many more travel stories to share with.

~~”And miles to go before I sleep”~~



6 Cafes in Bangalore That You Can Visit For a Laid-back Sunday Evening

So, monsoon is here and for people like me, this is the season we eagerly wait for throughout the year. Because there is no other relaxing feeling than listening to the sounds of rain with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and some great company, be it a good book, a nice playlist or a person to share the moment with. If you can relate to my words, this article is for you!

Bangalore is widely known for its excellent weather throughout the year. But my personal favorite is during Mid June till September end when the city witnesses its beautiful spells of monsoon rain followed by the heavenly smell of earth. Now, imagine how wonderful it will be to spend a day like this in a beautifully designed cafe having your favorite cup of coffee. Here, I bring you 6 beautiful cafes in Bangalore that are worth spending a few bucks for.

1.Dyu Art Cafe: Fresh coffee, a wide art gallery with a delicious choice of snacks, this place is in my top-list to grab my fresh, hot cup of coffee. The place gives a look of a South-Indian house turned restaurant. Sip a hot cup of coffee with a good book, listening to some soft music playing in the background. What else you need!


2. Om Made Cafe: A beautiful, cozy place to sit and relax! The place has a cozy enclosed area as well as a lovely rooftop setting. You can order from a wide range of delicacies and enjoy a perfect sunset from the deck. The food, the setting and the Bangalore breeze are bound to blow your mind away!


3. Coffee on Canvas: This place has a partially thatched roof and comes with a bohemian look. Has beautiful seating arrangements and offers great food. A perfect place to hang out with your friends on a weekend. Head out to this place if you haven’t been there yet!


4. Boca Grande: Its a modern cafe with an open air-setting and amazing interiors. Very popular for their buffet breakfast and their amazing coffee lattes. A great place to chill out on a beautiful sunday evening.


5. Art Blend Cafe: This is a homely cafe made for art lovers. They serve great coffee and run several art and craft workshops like clay modelling, jewellery making and many more. So, if you’re someone with an artistic germ who enjoys learning new craft sipping a cup of coffee, this is the place for you.

images (1)

6. Cafe 42: This again is a beautiful rooftop cafe made for book lovers. They have a wide selection of books, serves amazing coffee and has beautiful artwork and posters placed on their walls. Drop in on a pleasant sunday evening and enjoy the Bangalore weather.

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Keep feeding your coffee soul 🙂

Gokarna: A Picturesque Beauty!


Gokarna, a small town in Karnataka state, which was once famous for its holy temples and pious pilgrims is now known for its vividness and serene beauty. It is a smaller version of what Goa used to be in its heyday, but only better! And yes, it is much cheaper than Goa! So, if you’re wondering how to plan a budget trip to a beach, here is your answer!

How to Go:

There are several options available. The nearest airport is in Dabolim, Goa which is 140 kms away from Gokarna (4 hours drive). And if you prefer to go by train, the nearest one is in Ankola which is about 20 kilometers away from the town. I personally prefer to go by bus because of it’s availability and comfort. And the buses will drop you exactly in the town and all the places are easily accessible by a short auto ride.

Where to Stay:

Gokarna has many staying options available from budget hotels & homestays to beachside resorts & huts. The prices range from Rs.600 to Rs 3000. The staying option is mostly available at three different locations, namely Om Beach, Gokarna Beach and Kudle Beach. Because these three places are easily accessible by road, and the other two beaches are quite secluded and need either a short trek or a boat ride to reach.

What to Do?

If you’re traveling to Gokarna for the first time. Here are few things that you must do. First, don’t hop around other places to find a stay. Go straight to Kudle beach and trust me you won’t be disappointed. It is just a little downhill trek from the auto drop-off point, but once you reach there you’ll be amazed by the crystal beach, circled by small hillocks, enough to calm any traveler’s soul. I’ll suggest you to book a hotel beforehand through any travel site so that you don’t have to roam around much for a place to stay.

Get a place, have delicious food in a beach-facing shack, drink, enjoy the sunset, sit by the beach for as long as you want, watch sea waves, swim and have the perfect beach outing you’re craving for!

Next morning, go for breakfast to Om beach which is a little walk over from Kudle beach or you can opt for an auto as well. Have a wholesome breakfast in the famous “Namaste cafe”; the place known for its mouth-watering food and the scenic view. Read a book, get tattooed, have appetizing dishes, meditate, get a relaxing massage and find peace!

If you’re in a mood to trek, I’d suggest you go from Om beach and Half-Moon beach to Paradise Beach. It’s a hillwalk with a long trail of beautiful beaches, a narrow but peaceful pathway, sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves, cool breezes, and a pleasing sight!

Though, I’d suggest you finish the trek early so that you can reach Paradise beach before the sunset. Catch a boat from there so that you don’t have to walk all the way back, which won’t be safe at night (unless you’re a daredevil by heart :P). Moreover, the boat ride will just take you aback. Trust me!

Gokarna has very enticing roads that will delight any biker. So, if you’re a biker at heart or someone who just loves riding, rent a bike from a local shop in the main town and just jaunt away. You can rent it for 300 bucks a day.

Are you someone who loves junk shopping? If so, Gokarna is the perfect place for you. The town has got many junk shops selling cheap trinkets, small statues of gods and goddesses, souvenirs, low-priced garments and many more.

And last but not the least, visit few ancient temples located in the spiritual town. After all, you’re in a sacred Hindu pilgrimage center. And, you’ll definitely love the experience!

So, if you are looking for a peaceful beach holiday, Gokarna has got all that all for you!

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What to Wear for a Perfect day Outing!


Weekends are the great time to meet up with your beloved friends and plan a good outing. But, one thing that baffles us the most is the choice of our outfit. Yes, the biggest concern for any girl! Because no one wants to look dull, less impressive or not picture-ready on such occasions. So, if you too have the confusion of what you should be wearing on such days, this post is really gonna help 🙂

So, before you plan out to buy an outfit for any special occasion, here are few things that you should keep in mind. First, check out the quality of the fabric. Any fabric that keeps you comfortable any time of the day will be perfect, keeping the season and weather condition in mind. Second, find clothes that fit your body shape. A well-tailored dress will definitely turn more heads than a regular fit one. Depending on whether you have a pear shaped or an apple shaped body or an hourglass figure, pick your outfit wisely in a way so that it gracefully reveals your curves and pulls out the best in you. In the same way, a loose fitting or an unfit dress can easily make you look shabby. Third, don’t be blinded by a brand. A branded dress can also look drab if the style doesn’t go with your personality. Seek out for lesser known brands; sometimes they keep some collection that can make you look your best. Fourth, go for an outfit that you can pair up with other stuff in our closet, giving a different look each time you wear it. Last, choose colours that go with your complexion. Now, you might be someone who wants to play with vibrant colours and they might look good on you as well. But, instead of taking a risk, learn which colour can bring out the best in you and choose your outfit colours according to that.

I generally do a proper research before purchasing an outfit, depending on what’s trending in the market and what will suit my lifestyle and personality. So, I’m going to list out few outfits that are my personal favorite and can hopefully help you as well.

1. Off-shoulder or Halter Neck Tops: They are completely my favorite these days. Pair them up with a ripped jean and stylish sandals. It will give you a classy and casual look, perfect for a day outing.


2. Flared Tops With Cool Sneakers and Comfy Shorts: This is a perfect one for any outing that involves too much outdoor activity. They will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day!


3. A Sweet and Subtle Spring Dress: I’m pretty sure every girl has a timeless spring dress that they rely on for years. It’s time to pull it out of your closet and wear it to your next lunch outing with your besties. Just give it a new life with updated accessories and a classy clutch that goes with the dress.


4. Rompers or Playsuits: Nothing is as comfortable and easy to throw on any spring day than these outfits. Just team them up with a cool pair of sneaks, a belt, and a sling bag. And I can bet you will be the talk of the town for next few days.

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5. Ripped/distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Pair them up with cool tanks or tube tops and white sneaks and you got the look you want. A bold yet elegant look!


6. A Silky Maxi Dress: It’s time you grab that long silky maxi dress from your wardrobe to get that subtle and feminine look. A pair of simple strappy sandal will do the magic with the dress.


7. A Long Flared Skirt With a Crop Top: This outfit is definitely going to give you a classy chic look that everyone dreams about. Team it up with a stylish pair of stilettos and a trendy clutch and you’re good to go.


So, these are the seven outfits that I’m completely in awe of at this moment. Try them out and let me know how much appreciation you received from the crowd. Also, a small tip- choose the right hairstyle according to the outfit you’re gonna choose. Because, even if you have picked the best outfit but have chosen a plain hairstyle that does not suit you, it’s going to get all wasted. So, give yourself a good haircut, keep them straight, wavy or curly as per your choice and you’re all set to go!

Hope this post is of some help for you! Keep reading 🙂